A talented and motivated 3D Artist with exceptional production skills who is dedicated to meeting deadlines and attaining the highest levels of design excellence.




  • creative thinker, able to process information quickly and make sound decisions
  • adaptable, open to exploring new ways of accomplishing goals and objectives
  • experienced multitasker, able to manage several jobs and co-ordinate workload to meet deadlines



  • innovative, capable of generating and implementing fresh solutions to design challenges
  • confident communicator, able to work effectively with directors, clients, and fellow employees
  • goal oriented, dedicated to working hard and getting the job done right



  • experienced with pipeline production work-flow 
  • versed in colour theory, typographic principles and the elements of graphic design as
    they apply to 3D graphics
  • diverse abilities ranging from layout to lighting and rendering
  • able to achieve a desirable finished product in a variety of software
  • experienced leading a team of lighting artists to achieve a common goal
  • software: Maya, 3DS Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, Fusion, Composite, Nuke, After Effects,
    Unreal Engine, Topogun, XNormal, Crazy Bump, Ivy Generator
  • rendering packages: Renderman, VRay, Mental Ray, Mental Core



Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
July 2014-Present

  • Lead Lighting/Rendering Artist

Part of a creative team that has worked on multiple television shows including Inspector Gadget(Netflix), Wishen’ Poof(Amazon Prime), Little People(Sprout Online), and Space Ranger Roger. The project I most recently completed was called Little People, based on the series of toys from Matel. My role on Little People involved setting up the base lighting kit used throughout the show, as well as lighting sets to match the concept paintings as closely as possible. Right now I’m helping finish up Space Ranger Roger where I assisted in setting up the base light kits. As well I’ve been setting up specific lighting for each show to develop an appealing final look. I also collaborate with my fellow lighters to trouble shoot any issues along the way. Other general responsibilities have included show submission, managing renders, creating simple mel scripts, and creating fix lists to send out to the appropriate people to have issues addressed. I personally fix any problems that arise along the way as well, if they can be done in a timely and efficient manor.



Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
March 2014-May 2014 (Contract position)

  • Lead 3D Artist/Generalist

Part of a creative team that developed learning modules for international clients. Completed a number of industrial type pump models with the primary objective of developing an appealing and practical platform for people to learn. Performed a number of tasks from collaborating with a fellow 3D Artist and leading him step by step as we worked towards our final goal to creating clean models and appealing light rigs.



Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
September 2012-August 2013 (Contract position)

  • Lead Lighting Artist
  • Environment Artist
  • Surfacing Artist
  • Layout Artist

Part of creative team that worked on the animated movie, Emma’s Wings: A Bella Sara Tale. Performed a variety of tasks, from creating vegetation to producing surfacing fixes on characters. Modeled and surfaced sets, environments and props for production, from low resolution to high resolution. Designed lighting for assigned shots, utilizing colour keys while referencing color scripts. Laid out shots for animation preparation by setting up cameras and block in character movements. Set up shots for rendering with a sub team tackling each sequence. Created composite shots and ensured that sequences were consistent from one shot to the next. Led a team of lighting artists, ensuring that all shots were consistently sequenced.



Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • Junior Designer
  • Web developer
  • 3D Artist

Design print layouts for an array of creative projects, included stationery, sign-age and publications. Maintain and manage multiple design files across a wide range of projects. Provide support for email marketing campaigns. Code client templates and websites.




Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
3D Computer Graphics
Post Graduate Diploma, 2011

Created models. Excelled at ZBrush detailing. Developed UV layout skills.
Refined texture maps and shaders. Learned Maya to ZBrush and Maya to UDK workflow.



Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Digital Media Design
Diploma, 2010

Fundamentals of graphic design, web design, and interface navigation.
Concept development and presentation. Poster design chosen out of all
student designs from both classes to advertise DMT Open House.



Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Web Design
Certificate, 2007

Basics of graphic design. Proficient coding techniques that create an
enjoyable experience for both end users and future editors.


Available upon request