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Rev & Roll - Out Now

The latest show I’ve been working on is now being released on the YouTubes. Proud of this one and all TLC the team poured into it. Check it out here - (You can also click on the image below). I have also ended an episode below.

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Character/Studio Lighting Setups

Just downloaded this head(below) from mega scans to practice different lighting setups. Will be posting some updates on here. Will also try to update hopefully sooner than later full scene lighting example scenarios - for how to light for various shots/set situations. I used Renderman 22.5 for this. I took inspiration in starting this study from Brent LeBlan’s lighting training video title - “Lighting in Arnold for Maya | Lighting Tutorial” - Find it here

*Note: To get ride of banding when saving out of photoshop, save your rendered TIF/EXR as a png rather then a jpg :)



“Coloured Gels”


Maya | Curve Warp

So I’ve been trying to make a bike chain for a bike I’ve been modelling and it looked like the curve warp deformer in Maya 2019 was going to be by far the best approach for this. However once I had modelled my chain link, duplicated it, and combined it; I then tried curve warping to a curbs curve I had made in the shape of a chain. The results were not exactly what I been hoping for(see below). The chain geometry was not following the path of the curve at all. I knew the geometry had to have it’s transforms frozen and it’s history deleted for it to work, so I did that. However to no avail unfortunately. It tuns out the geometry needs to be at the world origin for it to follow the curve that you created. Once you have moved it to the origin, then freeze the transforms and it should work. I’ve posted example images of the issue below.



Blender | Centre Pivot(Transitioning from Maya)

The following is for Blender 2.79

To centre the pivot of your object in Blender as you would in Maya by going to Modify>Centre Pivot(When in modelling mode) go to the “Tools” tab on the right side of the viewport and then click on the “Set Origin” drop down and select “Origin to Centre of Mass (Surface)”.


Robot Production Facility

WIP | Personal Project

I haven't worked on this in a few months, but I hope to get back to it soon as I have some major revisions planned for it. As it stands I'm imagining this to be a corridor to the medical bay - hence the med bot. Any suggestions are more then welcome.