The Tree Process

Hey, so I just had a couple situations where I potentially needed to add trees to a couple scenes I was going to be working on, so I needed to find the best way to approach that. It seems it’s definitely project dependent; as there are tons of different directions you could go with it. You could created them from scratch in your preferred 3D application. You could use something like paint effects in Maya as a starting point to create your trees. You could develop them from scratch more easily in a program made specifically to create trees. Or you can buy pre-made trees in various bundles online. It all comes down to the scene you’re working on and what would be best for you in your current position.

WIP Island


Been real busy lately so it's been a slow go on this, but almost there. Hopefully will be able to finish be the Christmas break when I'll be on a hiatus for a couple weeks. Happy with the direction so far, but definitely needs some work still. Final 10%. Home stretch.

WIP Island

Latest work in progress. Probably gonna either nerf the tree or remake it. The scale is too big and it's just feeling out of place. Then have to refine the house on the ledge texture more, expand the water, add some bg elements, maybe some fg elements, and then done. Hopefully not too much work left on this one. Having a blast getting back into brush and substance painter on this one though. Hopefully gonna get into designer soon as well.. we'll see though.


Cactus Practice

This started out as some xgen practice to see how i could get the needles to scatter around the cactus randomly. Turned out to be a bit more, as I decided to keep adding to it. Who knows maybe he'll get some eyeballs one day..

Hallway Final

Finished the hallway piece I've been working on for the past while. Forgot to post it in my blog, so here it is to keep up with the progress updates. Pretty happy with it. It was fun to work on and loved getting into substance painter and designer for the first time. Amazing programs. Hope to keep the sci fi theme going sooner then later. Anyways hope you like it :)

Here's Some SciFi

Hey! It's been a long while since my last update unfortunately. Been super busy with work and life and what not. Anyways, I am working on a new piece which is slow going but should hopefully start to move along quicker sooner than later. I've decided to go back in the SciFi direction and implement the last modular floor piece I created and make it part of a bigger environment. It's still got a ways to go, but I'm pretty happy with the direction it's headed so far. Any suggestions are welcome :) One more thing - I'm currently using Renderman and Maya for this project.

Sky Diving

The background is a wallpaper I downloaded off of Halo Waypoint. I made the SMG's and composited it. I'm still working out some fine details on the gun. Decided to throw this together for fun. Should be done real soon.

Freelance Update

TLG | Single Diaphragm Pump

I just updated my freelance section with a pump I modelled and surfaced, as well as lit and rendered. It's part of a learning module for TLG( - an e-learning company based out of Winnipeg. It was created to  help make for a more immersive and practical learning experience. Once the various shot were lit and rendered I added motion graphics elements, such as arrows and animated text.

Open House Poster | Circa 2010

Personal/School Project

This was done way back when for the Open House of my graduating year. All of the students in the course submitted a design and mine ended up being chosen by the comity to be used for the event. I wanted to show off one of the main elements that separates the DMT(now DMD) course from Graphic Design. I chose to do this through the use of 3D text. 

Pine Trees From Emma's Wings

Production Work

These are a few pine trees I was responsible for developing variations of for the movie Emma's Wings: A Bella Sara Tale. This version was lit and rendered with Maya and VRay. I did not create the initial base branch asset that I used to create the rest of the trees with. I was given the branch with leaf cards attached to it. I created the rest of the tree/s shape/form out of that branch asset. I also surfaced the trees.